Power 1×05 Promo ‘I Gotta Go’

On Power 1×05, Concerned over Ghost’s attitude, Tasha interferes with club business. Ghost and Angela pursue their affair. Tommy pursues a club employee. Power season 1 episode 5 Airs July 12, 2014 at 9:00 pm on STARZ.

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  • darci
    August 1, 2014

    This show’s got a ways to go before it can compete with HBO shows, but it’s got a pretty good start so far. I like that a show set in the criminal world has such a smart, strong female character in Tasha – she’s smart, crafty, and able to keep her knowledge under the radar.

    On a side note I loved that they used “Ain’t No Party” by Rootbeer during Ruiz’s party at the strip club. I’m a huge fan of Pigeon John and Flynn Adam and this side project collaboration is great.

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